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We are a family who believe Jesus for life and salvation. My husband and I started praying the scriptures over our children when they were young with friends who also prayed the scriptures over their children. One Father's Day, a friend of mine and I made what have become prayer pages for our husbands. The first version is still in use in my friends house, where one of her sons is in college and the other a high school senior. We use a later version in our house, but our children have seen these prayers and heard these prayers nearly all their lives. 

Many years ago, a friend for whom I had given prayer pages for her and her husband to pray the scriptures over their daughter came to me with a proposal to start producing prayer pages for others. She said often people asked her where she got the prayers I had given to her, wanting to have them personalized for their family and children, as well. TruthReminders was born. We started things up and worked out of our houses in the same neighborhood, but then the Lord had other plans. My family moved from Texas to Virginia and my friend’s husband went back to school. We determined that we both needed to give all of our time to our families during these transitions. TruthReminders went on hold.

Now, our high school aged son wants to start it again. So, TruthReminders is off hold and has a new, two-fold purpose of engagement – prayer and biblical thinking. We hope that even if you don’t want to purchase our prayer pages that you will be encouraged to be in the Word in prayer and study.

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