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Truth in a post-truth world blog


Jill Williams

TruthReminders exists to encourage perseverance in the Truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ through a two-fold principle of engagement. We determine to engage in scripture-based prayer for our families and engage in clear, biblical thinking about our circumstances.

Engagement in scripture-based prayer is power for the believer and for the next generation! We have been praying the scriptures over our family for years using the prayer pages we put together with some friends when our children were very young. If you are interested in having your own personalized prayer pages, we would love to make one for you. See our prayer pages store for order details.  However, whether you pray the scriptures with our pages or not, pray them!

The purpose of this blog is to address our second tier of engagement: clear, biblical thinking. Every month we intend to post on a new, well-researched topic. We may review a book, address an area of confusion or current event or simply post on a general theological topic.